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Is CSS Right for You?

The fact that you are on our website probably means you realize it’s time to take action to improve your health. We help people every day, just like you.

While it is easy to take medicine and get some quick relief, it’s quite another thing to get to the root of the problem and have it resolved forever. Some have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars going to doctors, specialists, physical therapists and maybe even another chiropractor, but are still suffering.

Our ideal patients do not want surgery; they want to get their lives back and do those things that they never thought possible again!

Here are some characteristics of a prospective patient we believe will be pleased with our results:

  • You do not want invasive approaches with side effects to solving your health issues.
  • You are most interested in getting to the root cause of your health problem, rather than just chasing symptoms.
  • You are looking for a long-term solution and not a quick fix.
  • You want the most advanced, state of the art, all-natural spinal care on the planet.
  • You want a customized, individualized, non-cookie cutter, proven approach to solving your health problem(s).
  • You want to be treated as a person with great health potential, not as a dollar sign.
  • You understand that optimal spinal structure=optimal health=optimal functioning of the body.
  • You expect to be referred out to another healthcare practitioner when necessary.
  • You understand that creating an optimal spine is a systematic process that requires a commitment of both time and money.
  • You recognize that there is a big difference in the work we do, compared to other chiropractors, physical therapists as well as MD’s.
  • You accept ultimate responsibility for your outcomes/results, because you know it involves a commitment to keep your appointments and to do home care exercises prescribed by the doctor. Degeneration, pain levels, limitations of spinal structure, body weight, prior surgeries and many other factors all impact patient outcomes.
  • You are goal oriented: you want a starting and ending point in your care that is based on sound science and measurable results.

Here are examples of situations which we don’t believe will work well for either of us:

  • Someone looking to just get their back “cracked”. If you believe what stands between where you are today and a significant increase in health are just a few tweaks to your spine, then we probably are not a good fit. Traditional chiropractic adjustments are not proven to make permanent change to spinal structure/posture.
  • If you are shopping for the least expensive chiropractor. While our healthcare model can and usually does cost you less in the long run, the cost is front-end loaded because that is when most of the work is done. Making a significant improvement in your health now will save you tons of money as you age. We offer a variety of payment options.
  • Those who expect cheap care. We make measurable changes to your spine and dramatic changes to your overall health, for the long term. We do this through the most advanced and researched spinal corrective protocols, coupled with stellar customer service, with virtually no wait time. When you engage us to be your health partner on your journey to exceptional health, you are getting a team who has been correcting spines for over a quarter century.
  • Those who expect perfection. Any treatment plan we develop will need tweaking as the body is incredibly complex. When you move one area of the spine, the other areas also move. We periodically reevaluate/re-examine to make sure we’re getting you the best results in the shortest possible time. When we are done, your spine will be in a better overall position than when you came in.
  • If you just want to drop your body off somewhere and not engage/participate in your own healing process, we are probably not a good fit for you.
  • You are not motivated to change your life. Our protocols and procedures take commitment; patients work hard, with purpose. We need individuals with vision to stay the course to change their lives. This means keeping your scheduled appointments and sometimes getting a little uncomfortable as we change your spine.
  • We are not a good fit for those who are not interested in sharing their life-changing results with others. Why would you keep your results a secret? This office is committed to changing as many people’s lives as we can, and saving as many people from drugs and surgery as we can. We need your help to let others know there is HOPE for a pain-free, healthy life!!

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