Lasting Pain Relief

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your pain? Chronic pain affects about 86 million American adults. If you are suffering, we have provided relief for ome of the most difficult medical "failures." Complete Spine Solutions uses a combination of advanced pain relief startegies that are proven to help you with back pain, neck pain, headaches and more.

Out team is trained in not only getting you same day relief, but also getting to the direct cause of your pain. There's nothing much more frusterating than when someone is told they just have to "learn to live with it." That statement not only affects recovery, but can also lead to despression and worse. That is not acceptabe in our office. We have seen hundreds of patients over the year who have been told exactly that. This is where CSS begins. We often give hope when all hope is lost. We provide comfort to those suffering and often lift the spitits of those whose hopes have been crushed by other health experts. Our goal is not only to address and provide relief from suffering, but also and more importantl, to get to the rea cause of your pain. When that is determined, we can start to restore the body's function, which generally goes hand-in-hand with lasting, long-term pain relief.

Pain Relief:

The first step in our pain relief process is to elminiate your symptoms. This is done after a thorough consultation and examination. This step is not "cookie cutter" and is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Thesse services often invlove, but are not limited to:

  • Spinal Mobilization/Manipulation - to increase range of motion and decrease pain
  • Mechanical Traction - to increase joint motion and decrease pain
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation - to decrease inflammation in and around the nerves and to block pain
  • Cryotherapy - ice is often applied to reduce inflammation and pain by blocking pain receptors
  • Power Plate - Revolutionary technology for accelerating the healing process by increasing circulation, improving flexability and reducing muscle soreness*
  • Class IV K-Laser Therapy - The most powerful laser on the market, and the most advanced, drug-free pain relief available. The laser helpsstimulate tissue repair, which accelerated the healing process and decreases inflammation, stiffness, pain and scar tissue formation.