Complete Spine Solutions Weight Loss

Fat Loss Forever

It seems that everyone is worried about their weight these days, and who shouldn't be? We all want to be healthy and that means getting our bodies back to a healthy body fat percentage. The prototcol is scientifically designed to target the burning of fat through ketosis, which means using fat for energy instead of storing it, all while retaining lean muscle mass. By burning pure fat, the dieter experiences a great boost of energy, since burning fat releases more energy than burning sugar. With affordable, goourmet foods that actually taste great, this diet is easy to stick to, leaving you feeling full and satisified, with cravings becoming a thing of the past. The foods and nutritional supplements are carefully formulated to create a scientific approach to fat loss when a combination of highly absorabable protein-rich foods and lean meat and vegetebles are eatin. You can even stick to the protocol while eating out with friends and family!

Complete Spine Solutions Fat Loss is more than just weight loss; it is designed to detoxify and actually "reset" your body so that you can metabolize foods normally going forward after meeting your weight loss goal. This helps you keep the weight off forever! This resetting of the metabolism, in conjunction with fat loss, allows many dieters to positively impact a wide variety of health concerns. Our Fat Loss Coaches, some of the best in the country, provide personalized support, including weekly sessions to track your weight and measurements, digital Body Composition Analysis, and ongoing patient education. Our Fat Loss program cannot be found in stores or online. This is because it is a physician-supervised protocol, supported by cimprehensive guidelines and tools, with the support of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions to keep you on track.

Our typical results are an average of 3 lbs of fat loss per week. Call our office to schedule a no-obligation consltation to see if our program is right for you.