Want to Detox & Lose Weight?

Complete Spine Solution's 21-Day Purification & Weight Loss Protocol

This Purification Program is a healthy way to speed up and maximize your weight loss & will provide the following:

Doctor supervised protocol

Weight loss of 9 lbs in 2 weeks, while detoxing the body

Weekly one-on-one coaching

Personal coaching and guidance as you transition to a healthier lifestyle & ensure success in both purification and weight loss

Advanced body composition analysis, weight and body measurements

Food journal reviews with reccommendations

Highest quality food & food-based supplements for one month

Supplements to cleanse the body and detox the kidney, liver, gallbladder, digestive system and more

Supplements to cleanse the lower gastrointestinal tract and provide healthy instestinal flora

Vitamins and antioxidants to support healthy organ and cell function

High quality, cold-pressed protein to ensure enough clean and absorbable protein in the body for weight loss and exerciseDaily email filled with educational tips and encouragement

Easy whole food recipes to simplify meal times

Body Symptom Analysis to focus on your individual health needs, beyond purification

If you, or people you care about, are ready to naturally make a positive impact on body weight and overall health, please print and complete the toxicity questionnaire here. Then click to request your free, no-obligation 21-Day Purification consultation today. Make sure to bring your completed questionnaire to the free consult!

Interested in learning more? Watch the introductory video below.