Corporate Wellness


Companies lose billions per year from health-related issues resulting in employee absenteeism, and decreased productivity. Education is often a key component. These 30-45 inute workshops will train your employees in proper nutrition, ergonomics, stretching, injury prevention and stress reduction. It is intended to be an introduction to techniques that can reduce workplace injuries, increase worker productivity and generally improve quality of the work environment, with benefits to both employer and employee. What are you implementing at your company to improve your bottom line with a happier, healthier, more energized workforce?

  • Stress Management for Stressed Peopel - either manage your stress or it manages you: lifestyle changes, exercises and helpful strategies to de-stress
  • Beating Back Pain Quickly and Naturally - exploring natural, non-invasive strategies to help people live happier, healthier, stronger & longer
  • Stay Fit at Your Desk - the ultimate challenge to corporate America
  • Fat Loss Forever - how to fight obesity & diabetes in children and adults: Change your diet, change your life

Health Fairs & Employee Appreciation Day

On-site chair massage, stress awareness surveys, blood pressure, postural screening, body composition anaylsis and bone density screenings.